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Effective Strategies for Performing Colonic Irrigation at Home

Over the past decade, one of the most popular treatments to emerge for aiding those who suffer from digestive problems is colonic irrigation. During the process of colonic irrigation, liquid enters the colon and cleans out fecal matter that has accumulated, preventing the release of harmful toxins and leading to overall improved health. Although many people receive expensive colonic irrigation treatments in professional clinics, countless options exist to perform colonic irrigation at home.

Before reading further, I would advise anyone who is considering home colonic irrigation to familiarise themselves with the side effects, risks and contra-indications of the procedure and that I would always recommend visiting a professional therapist instead or at the very least for your first few sessions. It is also important to ensure that you are well versed in all of the appropriate techniques involved before performing this procedure at home.
I have provided an outline of the options for home colon hydrotherapy below;
In order to perform colonic irrigation, there are a few basic steps that must be adhered to. First, it is necessary to acquire a plastic tube that must be inserted into the anus. In order to make this more comfortable, it is commonly recommended to lubricate the end of the tube with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. After the tube has been inserted properly, slowly pour two or three quarts of tepid water into the tubing and maneuver into a position that will allow gravity to force the water into the colon.


The first time that colon hydrotherapy at home is performed, it is common to feel a slightly uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. In general, many people wish to urinate immediately upon acquiring this feeling. In order for the procedure to be effective, however, it is essential that users resist the urge to urinate and hold the water in the colon for as long as possible. One way to help make this more tolerable is to perform a gentle massage on the stomach, which will soothe the aches caused by the water in the colon. After a few minutes have passed, head to the bathroom and relieve the water from the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to using plain water to perform the colonic irrigation, another popular strategy for home colon cleansing is to purchase a prepared enema solution from the local drugstore, which can cost as little as $1 per session. The advantage of this is that rather than water, a special cleaning agent is used instead, which may be more effective. If an enema is being used, simply insert the tip of the bottle into the anus and slowly squeeze the liquid into the colon. For those who perform colonic irrigation regularly, it may be beneficial to purchase a special colonic irrigation home unit. Although these home colonic irrigation kits can cost as much as $250, many users feel that using the kit makes the procedure significantly more tolerable. If a kit is being used, the board must be attached to the toilet to allow users to lay face down on the board and insert their anus into the end. Overall, there are many different ways in which colonic irrigation can be performed at home, and numerous people can enjoy the benefits of the procedure without needing to travel to a professional clinic. For those who are looking for an effective solution for combating digestive problems but do not wish to leave their house, one of the most favorable options available may be home colonic irrigation.

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